Rias from Galicia

     Sail-training & yacht-master certification

Diversifiéd & complémentairy basin area

  • Coastal & Off-shore basin in channel area

At start of St-Malo in North Brittany to the Channel Islands & from Plymouth in England to the Scilly Islands.

Bases of deepening and technical mastery of the practice of pilotage and navigations 1/2 offshore in very technically demanding tidal current areas.


  • Coastal & Off-shore basin in Spanish Galicia area

At départ of Vigo-Baiona  or La Corogne.

Intermediate-level refresher bases, technically ideal for advancing in coastal navigation in moderate tidal areas and validate your Yacht-master in the best condition throughout the year.

  • Océan basin from Galicia to Azores archipelgao & Gibraltar

At start of Vigo in Galicia, Punta delgada  or Horta in Azores & Gibraltar.

Bases of large cruise and initiation to astronomical navigation & to the approach of the wide in ideal climatic conditions at the best times of the year.



Technical tidal area basin

very demanding beetwen North Brittany/Anglos & Cornouaille

Chanel passage (+60NM)

Commercial endorsement

Master200 MCA


Boarding bases :

St-malo & Plymouth

Commercial endorsement:

"Sea Regs" base partner

South Brittany
Coastal Sail-training
North Brittany/Anglos
Coastal Sail-training
Coastal & Off-shore Sail-training

rias galicIA

Technical tidal area basin

Best compromise beetwen

Méditerranée & Brittany

Practical qualification

Practical & theoretical

Yacht-master certification



Boarding bases :

-Vigo/ Baiona

Certification location :

-Rias of Galicia & @online

            Gulf of Biscay
Off-shore passage
Rias alta from Galicia
Coastal Sail-training
     Rias Baja from Galicia
Coastal Sail-training


Technical tidal basin for

your Ocean Building-miles

Passages: Galice-Açores


Initiation & masters

Astronomical technics

​Boarding bases :

Vigo/ Horta/ Cascais/ Gibraltar...

Ocean passage
Ocean passage
Canary/Cap Vert/Caraibe


 Sail-Training & Yacht-master 


           Nicolas JOUBERT

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