Eco-Responsible charter

   Sail-master-training is a little more involved in preserving our blue planet. After more than 12 years sailing in the most beautiful sites of the western Mediterranean or the Atlantic facade. We thought it was time to engage our responsibility more actively in the protection of our common heritage through our role as trainer "to good practices" of navigation. In terms of the species that inhabit our oceans, the management of vital resources, such as energy, allows us to continue to marvel at what nature can offer us. It is in a way a "return of gratitude" to this nurturing mother to whom we invite you to share the values during our internships & cruises.

   In a very concrete way, we have developed this Eco-Responsible charter around a set of themes on which it is possible to have a capacity for local action. In order to allow the greatest number of people to become aware in a playful way, of the means we have on board, to reduce our impacts, and to participate in our measurement in the improvement of our individual behaviors.

It is to this participatory experience, based on shared values during the various stays and internships offered, that we invite you.