Skipper-Yacht-Master instructor Off-shore RYA/ Master200 Sail unlimited (STCW2010) & BEES 1° Sail since 1990, graduate in Environnement with a master IUP oriented towards marine ecosystems. Graduate in Sports & Health (DUSS), with a specific focus on nutrition & sleep chronobiology from the sailorman.

In 2017/18, I have followed a double course in master2 of climatology and energetics challenge, for which I wanted to use my knowledge, in the fight against maritime transport pollution, by the energetics improvement in Solar-Rigid-Sail(SSRS) energy under study in this field of application.


Sail-master-Training was created in 2013, after 20 years like professional skipper & French instructor, convinced by the Anglo-Saxon pedagogy of RYA, I have followed every RYA Yacht-master instructor courses. It is the fruit of this pedagogical synthesis resulting from this double Franco-Brittanic approach that I invite you to share during the sail training courses that we offer.

Our training center, located in Spanish galicia close to Vigo-Baiona protected by the natural shelter to Cies island, is RYA certified for the passage of every RYA qualification & yacht master certication throughout the year. Every RYA courses are in English spoken & every nationality are welcome.

Our pédagogy (during non RYA internships) consists in associating the diverse levels of practitioners while offering you a varied sail-training & building-miles curriculum, in tidal stream technical basins, and difficulty levels encountered, combining modular sailing learning. Every spring, we offer you a coastal & off-shore sail-training course during crossings of the Bay of Biscay to Brittany, the Anglos & the Solent.

Or, in the summer, Off-shore passage from North Brittany to Ireland via Scilly island are proposed to enrich your nautical experience and introduce you to the practice of astronomical navigation.

This diversity of site proposals and scenarios will give you the opportunity to progress at your own pace & according to your needs throughout the year.

​We also offer you our private coaching services on your own board with your family, as well as the possibility to prepare your RYA qualifications & theoretical certifications of the online yacht master at your own pace.

Resolutely oriented towards the preservation of our blue planet, an eco-responsible charter has been developed that awaits only your participation to share and exchange on our values.

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 Sail-Training & Yacht-master 


           Nicolas JOUBERT

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