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Yacht-Master Sail

Yacht-master-sail cursus_sail-master-training
  • Ship under 2OO Ums sail in 1/2/3/4/5 or 6 catégory at less than 150NM from a safe shelter.

  • Professional activity restricted to British or commonwealth flag.


Modular course

Y-M Off-shore

  • Ship under 24m length, sail in 3/4/5 or 6 catégory at less than 20NM from a safe shelter by nice or medium weather under 5 Beaufort & by day only.

  • Professional activity restricted to British or commonwealth flag.

Modular course

Y-M Coastal





Yacht-master sail : Question/Answered


  • What is-this?

Le Yacht-master is an RYA certification (English Royal Yachting Association, the équivalent of the FFV) recognised by the MCA (Maritime & Coastaguard Agency, the équivalent of the french Aff Mar).

This certification includes 3 level of compétence: Coastal, Off-shore, Océan. the yacht-master is recognised in the worldwide professional pleasure commonwealth environnement, like in most current of renting sailing boat company

  • For whom?

Whether your goal is to become a professional sailor or simply to benefit from a very pragmatic and interactive pedagogy, to validate an English-language certification that will allow you to safely cast off.

This graduation is made for you.

If you wish to validate your professional diploma, it must be "endorsed": to fulfil the necessary conditions for the BST (Basic Safety Training) which has 4 modules that are very useful from a practical point of view (Safety at sea/Fire fighting/First aid at sea/Maritime responsability), and the PPR online (Practical Professional Responsability) & a medical martime visit update.

  • How ?

There is no specific curriculum, neither a recommanded duration, it's depending your initial bachground

(refer at First evaluation in the 3 items to define an ad hoc training project). The practical & theoretical certification are exclusively in english, like every qualifications which are proposed & limited to the area of competency from each recognised operational base.

  • How long time?

A maximum duration off 3 years is recommanded for following all the Yacht-master level from coastal to Off-shore but it's not obligatory. As soon as your pre-requisities achieved, we ask you to have validated the theoretical certification of the level corresponding to the ambitious practical certifications, as well as follow at least a practical preparation of 8dys1/2 (outside the period of preparation for examination of a duration of 7dys1/2): You refer to the hierarchical chart above.

  • Where ?  

We offered to you the possibility to valid your certification at start of our main base of st-Malo in north Brittany, in the geographical centre of the technical basins. As well as Plymouth in collaboration with our friend Training centre in UK "Sea Regs", spécialised in the commercial endorsement & the Master 200MCA.

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