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Testimonial on Sail-Master-Training


Sélène V.

RYA qualification courses & Coastal Yacht-master commercially endorsed préparation 2019-2020

I just came back from 2 weeks of training with Nicolas to pass my competent crew and day skipper. His location is excellent for learning and challenges our passage planning skills everyday. He is quite competent and knows the RYA subjects. He has his own way of explaining and is very scientific, mathematical, logic. He likes to dig down to the fundamentals of how things work which helps his students comprehend as well, to not only spit out the information like robots but really understand the subjects and why certain things work the way they do. He is correct and kind, we ate great meals and he made sure to accommodate my vegetarian diet. I loved the boat life and how we all participated in keeping a clean and healthy environment, we all got along quite well and I feel like on top of gaining my first ever sailing experience and feeling competent enough to skipper, I also gained two great friendships. Nicolas is down to Earth and I recommend him as an RYA/MCA instructor. Gracias Nicolas!

Filippo P.

Yacht-Master Off-shore commercialy endorsed 2018-19 professional reconversion

I am Italian, 59 years old and a former officer of the Italian National Navy (35 years ago…) and I am passionate about sailing as a boater.

I worked in Paris for a large bank and I benefited from a voluntary departure plan with professional conversion. It was in this context that I decided to return to the passion of my youth: navigation. So I started a long journey with Nicolas to become Yacht-Master Off-shore/Ocean & Master 200 MCA in 2019.

I started my studies with a 3-week internship on board Lady Kalinka for taking charge, theoretical training Yacht Master Shore-based, and building miles in Galicia.

Excellente expérience ! Excellent experience! Intense studies, engaging navigation in tides, currents and pebbles. A lot of practice in manoeuvres of all types, always under the supervision and the "benevolent pressure" of Nicolas who takes advantage of every opportunity to transmit his knowledge. 

The course was both intense and pleasant: on board always a lot of conviviality, good mood and good cuisine thanks to Nicolas who is very talented! (we just have to take care of the dishes afterwards).

All this in an exceptional context because the rias of Galicia are wonderful.To conclude, just a word about Nicolas. I chose his school because I saw in him a real sailor. After the fact, I can say with pleasure that beyond its indisputable professional qualities I also found an empathy and a friendship that made the internship a very enriching human experience.

Thank you Nicolas and see you very soon.

ps: Yacht-master off-shore "endorsed" valided from the first shot in June 2019

Next step: Yacht-master Ocean with pre-requisities across the Atlantic from Horta in Azores to Gibraltar in Juilly 2019...

Jocelyne G.

Yacht-master Coastal & Off-shore 2016-2017-professional reconversion

I started a Yachtmaster training at «Sail Master Training» company of Nicolas Joubert who provides the training himself. ( After having passed the shore based and the YM coastal, in 2016, I am preparing the offshore YM in 2017.

I chose this school, after having contacted the 3 present in France, because it offers various bodies of water: Atlantic, Manche, Mediterranean.

 I appreciated the diversification of the technical basins that seemed ideal to me to perfect by discovering sites each time different and magnificent : tides, currents and pebbles in Brittany and the Scilly Islands, coastal navigation and night shifts on the Spanish and Portuguese Atlantic coasts, weather sessions in the Balearic Islands, crossing the English Channel and its cargo rail, Gibraltar Passage… The learning: the weeks are intensive and although a week of shore based is dedicated to the theory, Nicolas makes us review the theory in navigation, between the technical exercises. Which proved useful for the review. Life on board the Feeling 446: conviviality, good mood, good food: Nicolas is a good cook and manages everything, everyone being able to participate.

My profile: 57 year old woman, practicing pleasure for 20 years, 15 of which on my personal boat

Patrick M.

Yacht-master Coastal 2016 curriculum & professional reconversion

Currently in the stage of skipper training on the basis of a RYA OFFSHORE YACHTMASTER, I opted in early 2016 for the choice of SAIL-MASTER-TRAINING.

I am a novice in sailing and my experience in early 2016 was limited to cruises as an accompanist. So I started for a series of 5 weeks with Nicolas Joubert for the training in March 2016.

South Brittany/North Anglos Les Scilly Golf de Gascogne, A Coruña, Vigo in Galicia. An extended cohabitation made of theoretical training that allowed me to acquire the theoretical valuation of the shore-based coastal & Off-shore RYA.

For practice I still have work to do, It is necessary to leave time to time, one does not become pro from one day to the next.Except for training, that of happiness, a perfect balance between theory, practice, maintenance of the boat, preparation for navigation...


Life on board: Nicolas is a good cook and takes care of everything, an advantage for the recalcitrants in the kitchen but you will have to be nice and do the dishes! Finally nothing special what..... Just participate in life on the boat.

Excellent stay in a very nice setting with Nicolas who in addition to having a friendly approach is his own boss and therefore manages the crew and the boat accordingly. Very good approach for those who then want to launch and buy a boat and manage all aspects of sailing.

Safety is important to me and even more important to the skipper.

Bruno B.

I bring you this testimony in order to propose an additional alternative for the Yacht Master training. I have been pursuing a Yacht Master course for about 2 years with the company Sail Master Training whose manager, Nicolas Joubert, has a dual French curriculum (Glénans, BE, captain 200) as well as English with the RYA qualification to train in the English Yacht Master system.

For a lower rate than most other providers, Nicolas Joubert will be able to lead you to the end of your course by adapting his training.The interest being the possibility to follow the course on board his boat, a feeling 446, in the Mediterranean or on the Atlantic depending on the periods. Nicolas also rents boats in Brittany or in England to offer you weeks of training at different times of the year and on different water area. Nicolas works closely with the trainers and examiners of RYA and is very familiar with the important points to be worked on. For gourmets, the cuisine on board is excellent and generous. I followed my entire curriculum with Sail-Master-Training by first passing my YM Coastal, as well as my Shore-based. I just got my YM Offshore on the Spanish Atlantic coast after a week of final preparation on Nicolas’s boat. There were 3 of us taking the exam, 2 coastal and 1 offshore and all qualified. Thanks again to Nicolas and my 2 friends who participated in this success.

Nicolas G.

I just did my shore-based and my coastal yacht master.
The preparation took place over several weeks of navigation in the tidal zone and zone without. As a total novice it did not take me long to reprogram myself to the English method since I only know this one
I appreciated the pedagogy of the trainer Nicolas Joubert RYA instructor and it is for this reason that I put a message in this forum formation RYA in France. Full details are available on the attached website:
For the qualification, I passed the shore-based and the yacht-master in the process and it was a very good idea because during the examination of the yacht Master the examiner RYA absolutely controls all our theoretical knowledge either by means of questionnaires or by applying concretely during passage planning. If I had waited in between, I don’t know if I could have answered half the questions.
I wish you good training and success!

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