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Modular Sail-Training & Building-miles (Non RYA)

Modular Sail-training & building-miles


                   Whatever your objectives & your initial technical level, we offer

               you the best curriculum adapted to your needs.

          Our modular pedagogy will give you the keys, to understand & communicate

      in English maritime, in order to be autonomous on all oceans, to deal with most situations encountered at sea.


As part of our sail-training courses, you will understand the whole

     practical & theoretical techniques necessary & sufficient to

          the mastery of the sailboat, using a modular pedagogy,

              combining the roles & levels of the participants on board.

                    Approach that will apply to types of navigation

                        and the variety of technical basins, discussed

                                during the courses & building-miles.                          

Non RYA 



  • Modular "Sail-Training" course  & tidal building-miles : 

    In order to best adapt to your needs, we together carry out an interactive capacity assessment at each internship specific modules in order to meet your expectations and ensure you a rapid progression.

No level of progession like initiation/perfectionnement... But an evaluative items of progession at the end of each course, like an evolutive "photography" from your profil (acquired/ to consolidate/ to see) in 3 specifics modules (Manœuvres/ Navigation-weather/ Safety) according to your duties on board (crew/ Skipper), types of specific navigation (coastal/ off-shore), types of weather condition meeting and finally the technical area approached.

A set of parameters allowing you to situate yourself that include the necessary & sufficient acquisitions to become autonomous at sea.






     - Coastal & Off-shore basin in Channel & Irish sea at start of St-Malo, Brest & Cork.

     - Coastal & Off-shore basin in Spanish Galicia at start of Vigo-Baiona & La Coruna

     - Océan basin in Transatlantic at start of Vigo, Punta delgada, Funchal, Tenerife, Mindelo, Caribe...

  • Sharing & private formule internship :

We offer to you the opportunity to choice beetwen 2 formules: Sharing or private internship

  • Follow-us in real time with our AIS Tx/Rx :

Enter the name of the boat: "Lady Kalinka" & follow the instructions from marine traffic.


Our specificity & originality
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