Certification & boarding base location

Certification & boarding base location


Certification base for the Yacht-master Coastal & Off-shore in North Brittany

We are boarding as start of st-Malo (boarding & certification base).

technically ideal to progress in coastal & pilotage navigation and in tidal stream demanding area for validate all RYA qualification (Competent Crew/Day Skipper/Coastal Skipper), as well as every Yacht-master RYA/MCA certifications (coastal & off-shore) in the best condition of diversified basin between North Brittany, channel island.

Relocation Training centre St-malo


Technical tidal area basin

in north Brittany & Anglos demanding & challenging

Practical qualification

Practical & theoretical

Yacht-master certification



Boarding bases :


Certification location :



Modular course

Y-M Off-shore

Modular course

Y-M Coastal